Introducing Newport Biologics

An increasing majority of all dental implant procedures indicate bone grafting in some capacity. Along with the damaging cycle of tooth loss and tissue resorption known to result from periodontal defects, extraction sockets, and other bone deficiencies, it becomes clear that grafting techniques have become a critical offering of any modern dental practice.

But with the wide range of origins, composition, and proprietary naming conventions of regenerative products available within the industry, how are clinicians to determine which offerings are best suited for their patients’ needs?

The Newport Biologics line of bone grafting materials and resorbable barrier membranes represents the highest quality of regenerative products available. By assembling only the most versatile, effective, and frequently used regenerative materials the industry has to offer, we provide clinicians a simplified buying experience, unparalleled value, and the confidence to efficiently and reliably treat the majority of grafting indications, including:

  • Extraction socket regeneration
  • Ridge augmentation
  • Sinus floor elevation
  • Periodontal reconstruction
  • Peri-implant management

Driven by clinician demand and fueled by our fundamental desire to increase the affordability of advanced dental procedures, we’re pleased to bring these carefully selected products to market, and hope you’ll find the Newport Biologics line an indispensable addition to your practice.

Thank you for choosing Newport Biologics.

Introducing Newport Biologics

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